Dear Soul Songs
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A new gift giving experience

listen below to hear some real examples:

your love story

Tell us all about how you met your lovely significant other. It doesn’t have to be too serious! This can be a gift for 6 months together or a lifetime. You control the message! This song can be filled with hilarious inside jokes to leave you laughing, or it can be a romantic way to express how much you truly care.

parents will probably cry

Finding the perfect gift for your mom or dad can be one of the most difficult things to do. Let us help you! What are your favorite childhood memories? What lessons did your parents teach you beautifully? We can sculpt these things into a song that will express how truly grateful you are.

baby on the way

One of the sweetest songs we have ever done - a fathers message to his baby girl right before she was born. Make this moment even more magical with a song to listen back to as your little one grows older.

One Goal: Spread Love Through Music


"Soul Songs" is the new, perfect gift for people you adore. 

The steps to an incredibly unique, thoughtful gift are sweet and simple. 

1. You choose what type of song you'd like (song types in the header)... Whats the occasion? 
2. We send you an email FULL OF AFFECTION and questions for you to answer about the person you love. 
3. We create a lovely acoustic song based on the information you provide. 
4. By your requested due date, you receive an mp3 of the song + the lyrics + a lyric video containing pictures you provide.


Not sure what type of song you want?
Which category your song fits into? 

Send any questions our way @

We can help you figure it out!